Summer of Pride

Summer of Pride

“Summer of Pride”

12”x12”. Because of the size, I can’t send it as letter mail, so shipping is included in the price of this one :) ($15.50 is how much shipping is!)
You can also message me to arrange a 24”x24” high quality print, these ones are much more accessible :)

Artist statement:

My main focus while working on this piece was to celebrate Indigenous and Queer joy, and the summer in the northwest coast. Lower Mainland summers make me think of the ocean, and spending time with my sisters and grandma as a kid. Catching bugs, poking at crabs, colourful sunsets, and when I was really small, seeing if I lucky enough to see a mermaid or orca while I was on the ferry. Knowing the plight of our resident killer whale population, I had to include them in the waters. I also included the trans flag, because that is the experience I have lived. 

There have been many attempts to silence Indigenous people, and take away our love, joy, and spirit. As each of us reclaims our culture, I hope our ancestors who had theirs stolen can look at us, and be proud of all of our victories.